Surfing Barbados School
Burkie’s Surf School was started to expose the youth and young at heart to the wonderful and unique sport of surfing. Alan Burke, a lifelong surfer and ardent competitor, multiple and present Barbados Champion and hardcore athlete, began giving lessons casually, and then decided to share his love of the sport by establishing the school.
We have several tuition packages to cater to any age and skill level. We also offer transportation packages to and from hotels, schools and private residences. Our location on the beautiful Long Beach on the South Coast provides the ideal setting for on location lessons or a central location for quick access to most favorite surf spots on the South Coast.
Alan Burke is a descendant of a water sports and sporting family, born and raised at Burke’s Beach, Barbados 1 mile south of bridgetown, a beach named after his family for over 70 years. His family is made up of a variety of sport champions – yachting, fishing, water polo, swimming, cricket, football, tennis, horse racing and SURFING.
Surfing in Barbados began in the sixties when ‘beach culture’ was emerging as a global sub-culture. Bands like the Beach Boys overseas and the Merrymen locally helped popularise the sport, which itself is an ancient and revered art form in the Pacific islands. The members of the Merrymen surfed and used pictures of their surfing on album covers, bringing the sport a wider acceptance in Barbados.